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From treating class I, II, or III malocclusion to the power of expansive ortho, Candid Academy is where you’ll learn how to bring the future of orthodontics into your practice. Our full-scale educational platform empowers CandidPro doctors to hone their clinical expertise, stay on top of the latest technology, and learn directly from the brightest minds in clear aligner therapy.
Meet our distinguished Faculty
The Faculty at Candid Academy has nearly a century of clear aligner experience and have treated thousands of clear aligner cases. From orthodontists to technologists to airway pioneers, they guide our clinical and educational direction, imparting their mastery with CandidPro doctors.
Brian Gray
Chief Dental Officer
Cosmetic Restorative
Ben Miraglia
VP of GP Clinical Education
expansive orthodontics
Geoffrey Skinner
Faculty at Candid Academy
Kalli Hale
Faculty at Candid Academy
Airway + Pediatric Expansion
Kevin Goles
Diplomate, ABSB
Faculty at Candid Academy
Roshan Parikh
Faculty at Candid Academy
Lindsay Williams
Faculty at Candid Academy
“Candid Academy boasts some of the greatest dentists and orthodontists working today, clinicians who embrace whole-body health and the most innovative technology. You’re going to learn a lot!”
-Dr. Brian Gray, Chief Dental Officer
Learn on your own terms
Through Candid Academy, you learn all about advanced, clear aligner orthodontics, and the power of high-tech remote monitoring. Best of all, you can do it in a way that fits your schedule and your needs—from webinars with the experts to convenient Continuing Education credits to in-person events with industry leaders.
Select the right cases
The Faculty at Candid Academy collectively has over a century of clear aligner expertise, and they can teach anyone how to identify cases they are comfortable treating, regardless of experience.
Confidently treat clear aligner cases
Learn how the experts in Candid Academy have treated thousands upon thousands of their own patients with clear aligners.
Integrate the latest tech
Remote monitoring, our leading software platform, and top-tier treatment planning tech are all on the syllabus, keeping you on the cutting edge of dental technology.
Achieve predictable outcomes
The refinement rate in Candid aligners is just 26%¹. Go into granular detail on how you can achieve such strong finishes and happy patients.

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1. Based on refinement rates of patients who started treatment between 11/1/2020 and 7/1/2021.