Live the difference,
day by day
The clumsy old days of metal braces are long gone. Welcome to a seamless new way to get a smile you'll love.

Your Candid lifestyle, simplified

Easy to remove

Unlike traditional braces, your aligners are easy to remove. Meals should be enjoyable. Cleaning should be simple. Candid clear aligners make it all possible.

Designed for comfort

Our clear aligners are able to target teeth with greater precision than metal braces, so you’ll feel far less soreness and discomfort. Say goodbye to cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.

Completely transparent

People should notice your smile—not your aligners. Our breakthrough thermoplastic base is invisible, stain-resistant, and effective.

"When I was doing Candid it was so easy and to feel the change that quickly was awesome."
Ruby A.

So much more than a new smile, a new lifestyle

Get healthy
Our customers come to us for a better smile, but many are surprised at the healthy changes they make during treatment. Our customers tell us they drink more water, eat more moderately, and take better care of their teeth.

Get happy
There’s nothing quite like making a change that you’ve thought about for years. Many customers tell us their aligner journeys mark a turning point for them—an easy chance to make all kinds of new starts in other parts of their lives.

Get excited
The best part? Our customers love seeing their new smiles take shape. Results start to appear in the first couple weeks, and people tell us there’s something powerful and exciting about moving from one step to the next.

100% starter kit guarantee

Our orthodontists will show you a customized 3D model of your alignment plan for just $95. There's no cost if you don't qualify, and no commitment if you do. Guaranteed.