About the Candid Studio

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Where are the Candid Studios?
We have 24 Candid Studios across the country, with more locations coming soon. [Tap here to find the studio nearest you.](https://www.candidco.com/studios/) read more
How do I make an appointment?
Just go to candidco.com/studios and scroll down to the list of locations, then click the “Book Now” link on the location you’d like to visit. read more
Can I walk in without making an appointment beforehand?
Absolutely! That said, we take appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you don’t have an appointment, we might not be able to see you right away. read more
How long does an appointment take?
An appointment takes about 30 minutes, but you can save time by signing your consent form before you come into the studio. We’ll send you the link as soon as you book your visit. read more
Is there a cost for an appointment/missed appointment?
No. Appointments are free, with no commitment to purchase aligners. There’s no fee for missing an appointment. That said: If you *do* miss an appointment, you’ll have to live with the menta... read more
What do I need to prepare before my studio appointment?
You need to have seen a dentist to make sure you don’t have any cavities or decay and that your gums are healthy enough for orthodontic teeth movement. You also need to have had any permanen... read more
Can I sign my consent form at the studio?
Yes, but we recommend filling it out and signing it in advance to save yourself time at your appointment. read more
How does a scan work?
An intraoral digital scanner works by projecting a beam of structured light onto the teeth and gums and using high-resolution cameras to capture the distortions it undergoes when it hits the... read more
Is there an orthodontist on site at the Studio?
No, there isn’t. But our care specialists are experts on the photo and 3D scan process, and your diagnostic records — the photos and the digital model of your teeth created by the scan — wil... read more
Is a scan of my teeth better than an impression of my teeth?
One is no better or worse than the other, since either will produce the diagnostic records that enable an orthodontist to review your case and create your custom treatment plan. It’s really ... read more
Will I get a refund if I bought a starter kit and decided to get a scan instead?
Yes, but the exact mechanism of the refund can vary. You'll be refunded to your original payment method if you don't purchase aligners at your appointment. If you do purchase aligners, the c... read more
Will I see a model of what my teeth would look like?
Not immediately. But after your studio visit, an experienced orthodontist in our network will design and engineer your individualized treatment plan and a fully interactive 3D preview of the... read more
How long after my scan will I receive my aligners?
Before you can get your aligners, you’ll need to approve your treatment plan, which will be created and sent to you in as little as two weeks after your studio visit. Once you approve your t... read more
What if I purchase my aligners and then find out I’m not a candidate?
If you find out you’re not a candidate, you’ll be refunded the full purchase price of your aligners. read more
Are dogs allowed in the Studio?
No, but don’t think we’re not upset about it. read more
Does booking a studio appointment mean I have to buy aligners?
No. Booking a studio appointment does not come with any commitment to purchase aligners. read more
Is the 3D scan of my teeth an X-ray?
No. An intraoral digital scanner works by projecting a beam of structured light onto the teeth and gums and using high-resolution cameras to capture the distortions it undergoes when it hits... read more