About the starter kit

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What comes in your starter kit?
Your starter kit comes with instructions for your photos and impressions; a cheek stretcher (this can be found in box 2, beneath the putty) for your intraoral photos; putty and trays (3 top,...
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How do I submit my impressions?
A prepaid return box is included in your starter kit. Just put your completed impressions in the box, close it up, and either drop it in a mailbox, take it to your nearest post office, or sc...
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What if my impression trays don’t fit?
Reach out to our care team right away and they’ll send you new trays free of charge. To check if your trays fit properly before you start taking your impressions, put them onto your teeth wi...
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Why were my photos rejected?
We ask you to retake your photos when they won’t be able to serve as viable diagnostic tools for your orthodontist. That would be the case for one of two reasons: because the quality of the ...
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Why were my impressions rejected?
We ask you to redo your impressions when they don’t capture the position and shape of your teeth in enough detail. For example, your impressions would be rejected if they were too shallow to...
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Missing the cheek stretcher from your starter kit?
You can find your cheek stretcher in box 2, beneath the putty. You’ll need it for your intraoral photos. If you’ve checked there and still can't find it, chat with us or call 1-844-295-6915 ...
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