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How are you different from competitors?
There are four main factors that set Candid apart. 1\. We only work with experienced orthodontists, never general dentists. That isn’t a knock on dentists — we take primary oral healthcare ... read more
Why wouldn’t someone be a candidate for Candid clear aligners?
There are three main reasons you wouldn’t be a candidate: 1\. Because your case falls beyond the range of the mild to moderate malocclusions we treat. (The term malocclusion, literally “bad... read more
Do you take insurance?
We accept FSA and HSA. We’re not in-network with any insurers, but if you have insurance, you can submit your information to us so we can file a claim on your behalf. Then, if you’re eligibl... read more
Can I be treated if I am under 18?
For the most part, the answer is no. But if you’re 16 or 17 and have lost all of your baby teeth, you can be treated with parental consent. read more
What is the process to get Candid aligners?
Here’s how it works: 1\. You start by creating diagnostic records with our at-home impression kit or by completing a 30-minute appointment at a Candid Studio™. Those records consist of 8 in... read more
What is your refund policy?
We have two refund policies: one for the impression kit and one for the aligners themselves. When you order your impression kit, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form. Once you sign that f... read more
Do I need to see a dentist beforehand?
Yes, you need to have seen a dentist within 12 months of your appointment. We’re not a primary oral care provider, so we require those needs to have been addressed before you begin treatment... read more
If I am under 18, can I be treated in studio?
No, studio appointments are 18 and up. But if you’re 16 or 17 and have parental consent, you can [order our at-home impression kit](https://www.candidco.com/checkout?s=NEWYOU25) instead. read more
Do you have a referral plan?
Not at this point. read more
Do you ship internationally?
Never say never, but not right now. read more
How much does Candid cost?
Candid costs $1,995 total — 65% less than braces and other aligners. Here’s how that price breaks down: The impression kit costs $95 and has everything you need to take the photos and impre... read more
Can I talk to my orthodontist directly?
Our care team typically acts as the liaison between you and your orthodontist. If you have any concerns about your treatment, reach out and they’ll loop him or her in right away. read more
Can I just have treatment for my top or bottom teeth only?
No, we only treat both arches at once. If we treated just one or the other on its own, we wouldn’t be able to make sure that your occlusion (your bite) was healthy at the end of treatment — ... read more

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