I just received a "Go" notification on my last step. What's next?

Congratulations, you’ve completed the Active phase of tooth movement! That Go message is great news, and means that you’re ready for the Healing phase. In the Healing phase, you’ll use your last set of aligners as your retainer and commence six more weeks of regular retainer wear.

For the first two weeks, wear your retainers 22 hours per day.

For the third and fourth weeks, wear your retainers for 18 hours per day.

For the fifth and sixth weeks, wear your retainers for 12–14 hours per day.

After that, wear your retainers for 8 hours at night.

Failure to follow this schedule could result in your teeth shifting back to their original positions. And if you get any more notifications to scan your teeth, please log into the patient portal and chat with our team and we’ll ensure that it doesn’t happen again.