How does a scan work?

An intraoral digital scanner works by projecting a beam of structured light onto the teeth and gums and using high-resolution cameras to capture the distortions it undergoes when it hits them. The scanner takes thousands of pictures every second, which are then meshed together into a high-definition 3D image that serves as a replica of your mouth. So the scan itself is an optical impression, with beams of light and image-capture software taking the place of putty in the process.

A scan isn’t invasive or painful at all, and it only takes a few minutes. You do have to keep your mouth open the entire time, but if your jaw starts to get tired or uncomfortable, just let your dentist know and they’ll give you a break.

One other thing about a scan: You’ll actually see the images of your teeth start to show up on a monitor in real time, which is extremely cool.