How much does Candid cost?

Candid costs $1,995 total — 65% less than braces and other aligners. Here’s how that price breaks down:

The starter kit costs $95 and has everything you need to take the photos and impressions your orthodontist will use to diagnose your case and create your treatment plan. As an alternative to the starter kit, you can book a free 3D scan at a Candid Studio™ — all it takes is 30 minutes, and one of our care specialists will do the work for you.

In either case, your starter kit purchase or Candid Studio™ appointment also includes an assessment of your case by a state-licensed orthodontist in our network, an individualized treatment plan designed and engineered by that same orthodontist, and a fully interactive 3D preview of your teeth moving into place.

The aligners themselves cost $1,900, or as little as $88/month through our payment partner Affirm. For that one all-inclusive price, you get your full set of custom-fabricated aligners, plus one complimentary bottle of our premium whitening foam. You also get access to our white-glove care team for guidance and support through every step of the process.

And in case you’re wondering: No, there aren’t any hidden fees. We’re able to charge 65% less than other alternatives, without compromising quality, because our direct-to-consumer business model cuts out all the expensive overhead associated with office visits.