How do I take my aligners out/put them on?

To put your aligners on, gently push them over your teeth with your index fingers (for the bottom) or your thumbs (for the top). They should fit easily, although early in each step of treatment, you may feel them snap into place. You can use your Chewies to help fit any spots that don’t feel fully set. Just put them in that part of your mouth and bite down gently.

To remove your aligners, grip one side with your fingertips or the pull tool and gently pull up. Work your way slowly around your mouth to the other side until the aligner is completely free from your teeth. Always be gentle — never pull or yank one side of the aligner harder than the other, and don’t try to remove the whole aligner at once. If you’re using your fingers and finding the aligner to be extra snug, try using the pull tool instead.