What’s the difference between in-person aligner treatment and remote at-home treatment?

You’ve got options when it comes to straightening your teeth with clear aligners. Some in-person treatment methods require monthly visits to an orthodontist’s (or dentist’s) office, where a doctor will review your progress and give you your aligners for the next stage of treatment. In-person treatment can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000, depending on the length of treatment, experience level of your doctor, and overhead costs associated with office visits.

On the other hand, remote treatment with Candid allows you to get all of your aligners at once, in a single shipment. We still collect diagnostic records and conduct a comprehensive survey of your dental health. And our orthodontists will carefully calibrate your care and plan a conservative course of treatment so there’s no need for followup appointments or check-ins — which means you don’t pay extra for that time and service. So, what you miss in office visits, you make up for in savings.

Of course, some patients are better candidates for in-person treatment than for remote care. At Candid, we only take on cases we’re confident that we can safely and effectively treat, which includes most mild to moderate malocclusions. Patients with more severe conditions, or who require longer treatment times or more dramatic tooth movements, may be better served by in-person care.