What’s the difference between in-person aligner treatment and remote at-home treatment?

The difference comes down to two main factors: cost and convenience.

In-person treatment can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000, depending on the length of treatment, the experience level of your doctor, and overhead costs associated with office visits. Plus, typical in-person treatment methods require monthly visits to your dental professional’s office, where a dentist or orthodontist will review your progress and give you your aligners for the next stage of treatment.

With Candid, on the other hand, treatment costs $1895, and includes remote monitoring by an orthodontist. That means you only have to make one in-person visit: a free appointment to get your teeth scanned at a Candid Studio location near you. After that, you check in from anywhere with scans you take from your phone. All your aligners are delivered at once, along with the device you use for scans and Whitening Foam.

It all adds up to the best of both worlds: the peace of mind that comes with expert oversight, and the convenience and faster treatment you get with remote check-ins.

Of course, in-person treatment is still the right option for some people. At Candid, we only take on cases we’re confident that we can safely and effectively treat, which includes most mild to moderate malocclusions. Patients with more severe conditions, or who require longer treatment times or more dramatic tooth movements, may be better served by in-person care.