What is the refinements process?

Because your treatment is remotely monitored by an orthodontist, they’ll be able to catch early signs of aligner fit issues. If they notice at any point that your treatment is not progressing as planned, you will start the refinements process.

Refinements are additional aligners, usually prescribed at the end of treatment, to ensure your treatment outcome mirrors what was estimated in your treatment plan.

If you reach the end of treatment and do not feel your alignment matches what was represented in your 3D treatment plan, you will need to request refinements within 30 days of completing treatment.

In order to qualify for refinements, you must have worn your aligners as-prescribed throughout your treatment. That means you’ve worn your aligners for 22 hours a day, completed scans as-requested, and only moved forward to a new set of aligners when instructed to do so by your orthodontist.

If you meet this criteria, you’ll have to submit new diagnostic records for your orthodontist to review. You’ll either return to the Candid Studio for a new scan, or get a free Starter Kit to take new impressions of your teeth.

If your case is accepted for free refinements, you can expect the process to take 2-3 weeks while your orthodontist creates an amended treatment plan, and another 4-5 weeks to produce new sets of aligners. During this time, you’ll stay in your current, well-fitting aligner step.

Once you’ve received your refinement aligners, you can proceed with treatment, wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day, sending in remote monitoring scans about every 14 days.