What is your refund policy for aligners?

If you purchase your aligners in person at a Candid Studio™, your purchase is fully refundable until you approve your treatment plan. Once you approve your plan, your aligners are non-refundable.

While we don’t offer a money-back guarantee, we do guarantee your satisfaction. That means if you’ve been wearing your aligners as-prescribed, have taken all of your remote monitoring scans, and followed your orthodontist’s instructions throughout treatment, but your teeth don’t match the end result displayed in your treatment plan, we’ll work with your orthodontist to get you as close as possible to that outcome through refinements with additional aligners.

Keep in mind, in addition to meeting compliance requirements, your orthodontist will make a recommendation to accept or reject individual patients based on whether they believe the patient would benefit from refinement aligners. Refinements must be requested within 30 days of finishing your last aligner step.