Why did I receive another impression kit?

If you got another impression kit, it’s because the impressions you sent in (you’re a champ, thanks for doing it) didn’t ultimately give us all the information we need to design your treatment plan. We get it, mixing and biting into the putty is not easy, but to give you the best possible care, we need you to take new impressions of your teeth.

Below are a handful of the common mistakes we see when assessing impressions, and what you can do to take great impressions on your next try. And for everything you need to take detailed impressions, visit the patient portal.

Too Shallow: Each impression must fully capture both your teeth and gums. Use your fingers to firmly and evenly press the tray onto your teeth. Stop once your teeth lightly hit the tray.

Facial Pulls: You may have pulled your teeth up through the front of the impression causing scrapes and distortions. This can happen if you bite into the putty for the impression rather than pressing their tray up or down on your teeth in a vertical motion.

Double Impressions: You’ll get double impressions if you don’t keep pressure on all surfaces of the teeth from front to back. Make sure you use their thumbs to apply pressure firmly and evenly until the putty has set.

Putty Material Taken Out of Trays: If you pull your impressions out of the tray and only return the mold that is made from the putty, we can’t assess your bite. Please keep the putty inside the rigid tray for accuracy.