Why wouldn’t someone be a candidate for Candid clear aligners?

There are three main reasons you wouldn’t be a candidate:

  1. Because your case falls beyond the range of the mild to moderate malocclusions we treat. (The term malocclusion, literally “bad bite,” refers to an imperfection in the way your teeth come together when your jaw is closed.) We don’t treat severe alignment and spacing issues, and we can’t offer bite correction. In any case where you’d be better served by in-office dental or orthodontic treatment with close monitoring than by remote treatment with Candid, we’ll be completely up front about it — we always want you to get the best possible care.

  2. Because you either haven’t been to the dentist recently or have upcoming dental work scheduled. We require your primary oral care needs to have been addressed prior to treatment. A dentist will make sure you don’t have any cavities or decay and that your gums are healthy enough for orthodontic teeth movement. (Read more about why you might need dental work before treatment here.)

  3. Because you have a permanent retainer.