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Save $1,200 on average with insurance

Want to save even more on treatment? You're in luck. Your insurance can make treatment more affordable, whether you're in network, out of network, or have HSA/FSA. And the best part is we'll help you figure it all out.

Let's break it down

Here’s an example of how much patients can typically save with insurance:

Candid Treatment $2,400
Insurance Coverage -$1,200
Flexible Spending Account -$500
Out-of-pocket cost$700

Your final cost may be different, depending on your insurance eligibility, current promotions, etc.
This example includes 50% coinsurance and a remaining lifetime maximum of over $1,200.

Insurance coverage

In network?
You're in the clear

See your insurance provider here? Congrats, you have in-network coverage. That means as long as you have remote orthodontic coverage, you can save $1,200 on average right when you purchase your aligners—no waiting for a reimbursement. And, of course, you’ll get 100% of your money back if you are not a candidate.

CANDID Insurance Partners
Empire Bluecross BlueshiedEmpire Bluecross
Anthem BluecrossAnthem Bluecross Blueshield
AetnaMore coming soon

Insurance coverage

Out of network?
We got you

Don’t see your insurance provider above? No worries, we can still help you save an average of $1,200 after you purchase aligners. All you need to do is send us your insurance information through the Candid portal, and we’ll submit a claim on your behalf.

Pro tip: You’ll need to ask your insurer if you have an orthodontic benefit that covers remote treatments billed with the code D8090.

Out of network? <br> We got you

But wait, there's more

Put your HSA/FSA to work

Yes, you can use your HSA/FSA towards your treatment. Even if you don’t have an HSA/FSA debit card, we can help you submit your receipt for reimbursement.

Put your HSA/FSA to work

Still not sure what this all means?

We’re here to help.


Check out our most commonly asked questions here. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with us.

Which insurance plan should I give you?
We will be billing your dental insurance (not your health insurance). Please note that the dental insurance policy will need to be effective on the date you purchase your aligners for reimbursement to be considered by your insurer.
Is Candid treatment covered by my insurance?
We are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Empire BlueCross, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, and Aetna. If we are in-network with your insurance provider and you have orthodontic coverage, you can save up to $1,300 at checkout. No waiting for a reimbursement!

If you don't see your insurance provider on our in-network list, you can submit your information to us, and we’ll submit the claim on your behalf. We can’t guarantee on a case-by-case basis whether or not you’ll be reimbursed, so we strongly recommend that you check on your insurance coverage ahead of time for your own understanding. Ask your insurer if you have an orthodontic benefit and whether that benefit covers remote treatments billed with the code D8090.
Can you submit more than one insurance claim?
We are able to submit a claim to one insurance company for you after you've approved and purchased your treatment plan. Because you receive your aligners all at once and pay upfront and in-full for treatment, you only have one date of service, therefore, we are not able to submit claims on a monthly basis.
Can you submit a pre-authorization / pre-determination to my insurance?
We are not able to submit preauthorizations or predeterminations to your insurance company. We'll submit a claim only once you've purchased your treatment plan.
Are you in-network with any insurance providers?
Yes we are. Candid treatment is currently in-network with the following insurance providers:

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

Empire BlueCross

Empire BlueCross BlueShield

Aetna Dental (currently only PPO and EPP plans, DMO plans are not yet accepted as an in-network benefit)
If we are not in-network with your insurance provider, we are still able to file a claim on your behalf after you've purchased your treatment plan to see if you're eligible for reimbursement.
What is the process after my claim is filed?
We can save you the trouble of submitting a claim by billing your insurer on your behalf. We’ll confirm once we've submitted your claim, but because it’s your insurance, we will not receive any updates after it's sent.

To check the status of your claim, we encourage you to follow-up with your insurance company directly. If your insurance company approved your reimbursement for treatment, they’ll send a check to you directly or to your treating provider.

In some cases, providers can take a few months to process the claim and submit payment.
What do I do if my claim was denied?
If your claim was denied due to a submission issue on our end, send us the details and we will work quickly to rectify it and get your claim back on track. If it was denied for reasons such as lack of orthodontic coverage, you will need to follow-up with your insurance provider directly to clarify their decision regarding your claim.