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Our collaboration with Philips Sonicare

We're excited to announce that CandidPro is collaborating with Philips Sonicare to offer an extended integrated oral healthcare offering that will help dental practitioners treat more patients, save more time, and drive more efficiency in orthodontic treatments, teeth whitening, and more.

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You deserve more from your orthodontic platform

More Seamless

CandidPro makes clear aligners convenient for doctors and their patients through a category-defining integration of clinical support, industry-leading technology, and white-glove service.

More Comprehensive

This collaboration is designed to provide dental professionals with an extended integrated oral healthcare offering, including orthodontic treatments alongside teeth whitening.

More Guidance

Together the companies will set up continuous education initiatives for dental professionals, highlighting the importance of a total oral care approach; combining orthodontics with periodontic care, restorative and functional care and aesthetic care.
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“As a clinical evaluator, I’ve tried nearly every clear aligner product out there. CandidPro is on track to bring some really great innovations to market that will help doctors and patients achieve excellent outcomes.”

Dr. Brian Gray, DDS: Chief Dental Officer at Candid

“Our goal is to make the highest quality care accessible, approachable, and achievable for dental professionals and their patients by leveraging best-in-class technology and a game-changing approach to partnership.”

Nick Greenfield: CEO at Candid

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