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A great smile is worth a fortune. It shouldn't have to cost one.
High quality orthodontic care, from your home and for 65% less than traditional aligners.
Pricing breakdown
How it all adds up to just $1995
Start with your starter kit
You'll use our starter kit to create molds of your teeth from the comfort of your own home, and send it back to our labs in a pre-paid box.
Our orthodontists assess your case
Your orthodontists will evaluate you for aligner treatment. If they determine Candid™ isn't right for you, we'll refund you the full amount of the kit, it's risk-free!
Receive your treatment plan
Your orthodontist will design a custom treatment just for you. You'll get to interact with a 3D preview of your teeth and watch them move into place step-by-step.
Purchase your aligners
$1,900 or as low as $88/mo.*
Once you like your treatment plan, you can get started by purchasing treatment. You'll have a choice to pay upfront or in monthly installments as low as $88 per month with financing from . Click here to see if you qualify for financing.
Get your first set of retainers
When you're done with treatment, your first set of retainers are complimentary!
Get personalized care without the unnecessary costs

Candid has reinvented orthodontics to bring you custom clear aligners that fit your budget and your lifestyle.

Commonly asked questions about pricing
100% starter kit guarantee
Our orthodontists will show you a customized 3D model of your alignment plan for just $95. There's no cost if you don't qualify, and no commitment if you do. Guaranteed.