Give your teen
next-level confidence.

Introducing clear aligners for teens 13+. Now you can straighten their teeth with the expert oversight of your state's licensed Candid orthodontist, without all of the office visits.

Why Candid?

Track their progress with remote monitoring.

Using the Candid App, your teen will send in high-resolution scans of their teeth every 10 days. This extra oversight encourages compliance and lets you see their progress from start to finish.

It’s more than just straight teeth.

At Candid, we believe that oral health is just as important as straight teeth. Using your teen’s remote scans, their orthodontist can detect hygiene and gum related issues throughout treatment.

Skip the office visits, not the oversight.

With the convenience and peace of mind that comes with remote monitoring, there’s no need for routine office visits. Candid fits into your schedule, not the other way around.

The price is right.

Our clear aligners cost $2,800, thousands less than traditional braces. To make it even more affordable, we also work with many insurance providers and offer monthly payment plans.

Ready to get started?

Teen appointments are currently only available in our Austin and Santa Monica Studios