An occlusal assessment today could improve your patients’ future oral health

Hygienists have a key role to play in diagnosing malocclusions and educating patients on the long-term risks of this condition. [Case Study]

Amanda Bottger
Senior Director of Strategic Communications, CandidPro

Patients living with malocclusion may find that the misalignment of their teeth is negatively affecting their quality of life, self-esteem, and oral health. We know malocclusion is a common condition, but the importance of treating this disease may be lost on some patients. Hygienists and other dental professionals can play a key role in bridging this education gap by not only identifying malocclusions early but effectively communicating the long-term risks associated with this condition.

Read the full study to see why occlusal assessments need to be a standard part of your hygiene workflow—and how to strengthen your patient relationships by taking time to perform them.

For more of our perspective on the intersectionality between occlusion and hygiene, visit our Philips Sonicare partner page here.

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