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CandidPro and National Dental partnership [Press Release]


NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 /Candid/ -- Running a successful DSO in the New York City market takes innovation, empathy, and a growth mindset. That's why National Dental has recently tapped CandidPro as a new clear aligner partner. With CandidPro's convenient and affordable clear aligner system, National Dental aims to boost case starts and expand their orthodontic capabilities while helping their team streamline their workflows. 

National Dental's offices are known for providing comprehensive dental care—including the latest in orthodontic treatments—to the patients they serve. Since 2016, National Dental has garnered a reputation for clinical excellence among patients and a deep dedication to their team. Under Dr. Nitin Doshi's guidance, National Dental has expanded throughout the New York Metro area.

For CandidPro, aligning with DSOs like National Dental is key to expanding their footprint in major markets. 

"We're seeing a lot of interest from DSOs that want a more efficient way to provide orthodontic treatment to their patients," says Candid's Senior Vice President of Sales, Brian Ganey. "We're looking forward to helping National Dental leverage our clear aligner system to drive business growth while transforming their patients' smiles."

For Dr. Doshi, partnering with CandidPro will help National Dental stand out from the competition and help its practices scale their orthodontic capabilities with minimal impacts to in-office scheduling. 

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"Our team is excited to offer CandidPro clear aligners because the treatment process is so convenient for our practices and patients alike," says Dr. Doshi. "By minimizing in-person appointments and engaging patients in their treatment with CandidApp™, our practices will be better equipped to meet the growing demand for clear aligners without eating up the chair time required to carry out other therapies our patients need." 

CandidPro's clear aligner system reduces the need for routine in-person aligner checks by tracking every patient's progress virtually with CandidMonitoring™. Using this system, patients share photos of their teeth with their dentist every 14 days to ensure treatment is on schedule.

"We think CandidPro will help our practices cement themselves as clear aligner leaders in our market," says Dr. Doshi. "With CandidPro's streamlined clear aligner workflow, we estimate that our monthly case starts will increase by at least 50% while maintaining current staffing levels and keeping chair time free for other revenue-generating procedures."

About CandidPro  CandidPro is a clear aligner orthodontic system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for doctors and their patients. CandidPro brings high-quality clear aligners and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across the United States. Learn more at candidpro.com.

About National Dental  Founded in 2016, National Dental is a New York-based DSO known for its high standard of care across all locations. Under the leadership of Dr. Nitin Doshi, National Dental strives to bring the latest in dental technology to its patients and is committed to growth, innovation, and education. Learn more at lovenationaldental.com.

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Clinical confidence
with every case.
Built-in orthodontist support. Only with CandidPro.