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CandidPro partners with dental GPO Sevāredent [Press Release]


NEW YORK, March 15, 2022 /Candid/ -- Candid is expanding its clinical partnerships through an exciting alliance with Sevāredent Sourcing Solutions, a dental Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Sevāredent serves over 1,600 dental and orthodontic practices nationwide, with a focus on bringing competitive pricing and innovative supply chain solutions to the fastest-growing segment of the industry: DSOs/DPOs. This key partnership will drastically expand Candid's footprint and offer Sevāredent members a convenient clear aligner product—helping them bring high-demand orthodontic treatment to more patients while using less clinical time. 

This partnership comes just after Candid's recent announcement that the company will focus exclusively on bringing its CandidPro™ service to dental and orthodontic practices and away from its direct-to-consumer business. Founded in 2017, Candid champions an approach to clear aligner treatment that requires less chairside time than competitors while producing clinically sound results.

"Partnering with Sevāredent is a huge win for both of our organizations," says Candid's CEO and cofounder, Nick Greenfield.

"As part of our ongoing effort to help bring new innovative technologies and supply chain value to our GPO members, we believe CandidPro will help increase patient access to top-tier orthodontic treatment while equipping our clinical partners with the latest in clear aligner technology," says Sevāredent President Blake Hibray.

CandidPro's partnership with a major dental GPO like Sevāredent will help them bring their clear aligner products to even more organizations nationwide, significantly expanding their network of clinical partners. For Sevāredent, CandidPro offers its members a future-forward clear aligner solution that minimizes clinical time while keeping patients engaged in treatment.

About CandidPro CandidPro is a clear aligner orthodontic system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for doctors and patients. Since 2020, CandidPro has brought high-quality clear aligners and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across the United States via CandidPro. Learn more at

About Sevāredent Sourcing Solutions, LLC Founded in 2019, Sevāredent is a high compliant/commitment GPO that helps dentists and orthodontists deliver world-class care at an affordable price. The organization aspires to bring together like-minded partners to drive supply chain savings and operational efficiencies for its membership.

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