Explore improved case tracking on your Patient Detail page

The Patient Detail page in our CandidPro provider portal just got a lot more powerful thanks to a streamlined layout and improved case tracking. [Product Update]


We recently launched an updated Patient Detail page in our doctor Portal with some exciting new features.

You’ll now be able to see your case move through treatment planning review, into manufacturing, and on to shipping all in one place. If there are any delays in production, you’ll also be able to view them on this page. 

We’ve also optimized this page for viewing on mobile devices, giving you more flexibility in how you track your cases during pre-treatment stages.

We are constantly updating and refining our doctor experience as part of our commitment to our CandidPro providers. We hope that these updates to your Patient Detail page will provide you with a more efficient way to keep tabs on your cases so you can spend more time delivering the best possible care to your patients. 

If you have any suggestions for further improvements to CandidPro, reach out to your account representative. Not currently a CandidPro provider? Contact us here or schedule a demo to learn more.

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