Patient peace of mind is connected to provider oversight

How Candid responded to 80% of patients wanting clear aligner therapy with oversight from their dentist [Article]

John Bergholz
Brand Copywriter, CandidPro

CandidPro's Orthodontics as a Service model of clear aligner therapy — and the technology, service, and support that CandidPro offers dental professionals — aligns perfectly to the future of healthcare: enabling a combination of in-person care but with minimal time and cost to the dental provider through the accessibility driven by tele-health.

In this Modern Retail article, Candid's CEO, Nick Greenfield, discusses the early 2022 shut down of Candid's online direct-to-consumer business as well as all 45 of its studios in favor of its CandidPro model: offering clear aligner treatment exclusively through dental professionals.

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