Periodontitis happens. Philips Sonicare can help improve your patients’ outcomes.

Enjoy a variety of resources from our friends at Philips Sonicare to help you treat periodontitis and discuss it with your patients. [Tips and Tricks]

Amanda Bottger
Senior Director of Strategic Communications, CandidPro

Our friends at Philips Sonicare have compiled a variety of resources to help you effectively share useful information with your patients about periodontitis, its stages, and how at-home hygiene care can help prevent or reduce the severity of this disease. You’ll find clinical studies, patient print-outs, and other communication tools for you to leverage chairside and elsewhere.

Find these resources and more on the Philips Oral Healthcare website.

And for more information about CandidPro's partnership with Philips Sonicare, plus information on how we see the importance of occlusion when it comes to hygiene, visit here.

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