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Three areas of care. Two trusted companies. One shared vision.

CandidPro and Philips Sonicare have partnered to offer doctors and hygienists a comprehensive care journey for patients. Our products can help address their functional, aesthetic, and periodontal concerns related to occlusion using some of the best products on the market. 

Together, we can help you support your patients’ hygiene needs while helping them achieve a healthier bite.

Hygiene-friendly clear aligner treatment from CandidPro

CandidPro offers dental practitioners some of the most advanced clear aligner technology on the market, including a comprehensive solution for tracking patient hygiene. 

Our CandidMonitoring™ system connects you to your patients remotely and can automatically detect hygiene issues as they arise while promoting patient compliance. Best of all, this convenient technology is a free and standard part of every CandidPro case.

A full suite of Philips Sonicare products

While CandidMonitoring helps you track your patients’ hygiene, state-of-the-art powered toothbrushes, power flossers, and professional whitening from Philips Sonicare can help your patients achieve a deeper clean. 

Put it all together and you have a full suite of oral care products that can help protect your patients’ oral health between protective maintenance appointments.

Ready to take your hygiene oversight to the next level? Get started with CandidPro.

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