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Candid Rolls Out New Technology to Remotely Monitor Teeth Alignment and Oral Hygiene

Candid is the first company in the direct-to-consumer clear aligner industry to offer all of its orthodontists fully comprehensive AI-powered remote monitoring services

Raymond Sultan
Director, Copy & Content

New York, NY (Thursday, December 12th, 2019) – Today, Candid, the orthodontist-directed at-home clear aligner company became the first in tele-orthodontics to provide its network of remote orthodontists with Dental Monitoring, a dental service that provides proprietary AI-based remote monitoring capabilities for patients in treatment. This premium offering provides patients with enhanced access to personal care. Dental Monitoring bridges the gap between traditional brick-and-mortar practices and remote dentistry.

By increasing treatment oversight with Dental Monitoring, Candid’s orthodontists will be able to decrease treatment length while achieving high-quality outcomes for the patient. Candid also expects to reduce the number of cases requiring refinements - an additional course of treatment prescribed after the initial course of treatment - through early detection of in-treatment issues. Additionally, Dental Monitoring enables remote orthodontists to detect a wide range of oral pathologies, such as gingival recession and visible cavities, helping ensure patients remain in good oral health throughout the duration of their treatment. The Dental Monitoring system will be offered to patients as part of a premium package.

Patients that opt in to Dental Monitoring will be given a proprietary Scan Box that connects with the patient’s phone and download an app that connects directly with the patient’s orthodontist. Every 7-10 days, the patient will be prompted to scan their teeth. Once the scan is complete, it will be assessed to determine whether or not the patient is ready to move on to the next step of their treatment. If a patient has not made the needed progress or problems such as poor oral hygiene are detected they will be notified by their orthodontist directly and provided with specific instructions on what to do next.

“This is the frontier of tele-dentistry,” said Candid CEO, Nick Greenfield. “This technology will change the industry by allowing remote orthodontists to provide a previously unattainable level of care to patients by allowing remote orthodontists to check patients' progress more frequently and more systematically than is feasible in a typical brick and mortar setting.”

In a pilot run by Candid, patients using Dental Monitoring were 95% compliant in taking their scans and were subsequently able to reduce the length of treatment by an average of 27%. Additionally, patients reported increased confidence that their treatment was on track and a higher propensity to be compliant with wearing their aligners as prescribed. The Dental Monitoring scanning technology enables the Candid remote orthodontist to communicate with the patient throughout the course of treatment and represents another way in which Candid is committed to provide the highest quality, remote care for its patients.

About Candid™

Candid provides clear aligners for 65% less than the cost of traditional in-office solutions. The Company's nationwide provider network, led by Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Lynn Hurst, features orthodontists (Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Specialists) averaging more than twenty years in practice. Candid's core mission is to increase affordability and access to dental care by leveraging orthodontist practices with technology. Candid was founded by a team of startup veterans with experience across healthcare, hospitality, tech, and finance at companies such as Lyft, BCG, Airbnb, Uber, Texas Orthodontics, and Blackstone. Candid is based in New York, NY and was founded in 2017. For more information visit

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