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“For me, Candid was a medical necessity”

One Summer Smiles Contest winner on how Candid helped turn his oral health around

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid

Pablo Poveda was a 19 year-old college student when he turned to Candid to help close up the gaps in his teeth and seriously upgrade his oral health. Brushing his teeth was actually irritating Pablo’s gums which caused them to bleed. But after a successful 10-month treatment, he’s brushing pain-free. And, thanks to his hard work and willingness to get candid about his own treatment, he’s a winner of our Summer Smiles Contest. Congratulations, Pablo! 

What made you want to straighten your teeth?

For me, Candid was a medical necessity. I wanted to straighten my teeth because of my gaps. I’ve always had a problem when it comes to eating. Food would get stuck in the gaps in my teeth, but then when I’d brush, the bristles would actually scratch my gums and they’d bleed. It was a big mess of blood.

I’d gotten braces before back in Ecuador, where I’m from, because they’re really inexpensive, like $350. But I’d only go back to Ecuador once a year from where I live in Maryland, so if something went wrong with the braces, or they needed tightening, I had to wait. The braces were supposed to last two years but it just went on and on. It was a mess. 

What was the biggest factor that led you to choose Candid?

The price. I wanted to get braces here in the US because what I’d done before it just wasn’t working. But braces can cost something like $5,000, which was just too much for me. That was my tuition at community college! 

I saw an ad for Candid and learned it costs far less than braces, so I started my research. I learned about how Candid treatment works, I looked at reviews, and I saw what previous patients had said on YouTube. I liked what I saw.

Now that you’re finished with treatment, how is it brushing your teeth? 

Now, brushing my teeth is much better. I don’t bleed at all when I brush. Before it was really painful. The tradeoff is now, because my gaps are closed, I have to floss. I never had to do that before. But I’m willing to trade blood for floss. 

You know, my family is very religious, and they told me that you have to love yourself, and that god makes you how you are for a reason. Don’t get too caught up in superficial things. But you're allowed to make changes based on your health and how you’re doing. That’s why I did Candid—for my health. I think god’s going to give me a pass for this treatment.

Let’s get things straight.

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