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“Candid set my mind at ease”

Summer Smiles contest winner and patient Lauryn J. on why Candid’s affordable treatment was right for her

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid

Lauryn Jenkins was bothered by the gaps in her teeth, but as she started to research her options, it became clear that traditional wire braces—which can run upwards of $6,000—were off the table. But Lauryn wasn’t going to pick the cheapest option out there and compromise on care. “The doctors at Candid are experts,” she told us. “This helped set me at ease because I felt that the health of my teeth and gums were in good hands.” 

As the winner of our Summer Smiles contest, Lauryn now has a $500 gift card in her hands. Read on for Lauryn’s Candid story. 

What motivated you to get started with Candid?

I wanted to close the spaces between my teeth. I initially wanted to get traditional braces, but they were just financially unrealistic for me.

Now that you're done with treatment, what has a straighter, healthier smile empowered you to do?

I express myself with confidence and I smile without feeling self-conscious. I’m able to engage in conversations and laugh with the comfort of knowing my smile looks great. My straighter, healthier smile has really empowered me to be more social and to continue to practice good dental hygiene.

You wanted wire braces at one point. How did it go with Candid’s virtual care? 

I like that the doctors at Candid are experts. This helped set me at ease because I felt that the health of my teeth and gums were in good hands. I also appreciate that Candid has great customer service. When I had questions or concerns, I was able to quickly get in contact with a representative, and that shows me that I am valued as a customer. 

Candid provided a treatment plan simulation on their website, and this actually kept me encouraged and reassured about the process as my teeth were moving.

Are you at all bummed you didn’t go for braces?

No! I really enjoyed the convenience of removing the aligners to eat and brush my teeth. The CandidMonitoring equipment was simple to use and I loved the convenience of having all of the aligners for my treatment delivered at the same time so I could simply scan my teeth and change my aligners after two weeks. 

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