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The CandidGuarantee Explained

Why we’re not smiling until you are

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid

The CandidGuarantee is simple:

If you’re not happy with your smile, we’ll work with your orthodontist to get you the results you want. 

How does the CandidGuarantee work?

If you’ve worn your aligners as directed, completed all of your scans and followed your orthodontist recommendations, and are not happy with your results at the end of your plan, we’ll gladly have your orthodontist re-evaluate your treatment to see if we can achieve a better outcome. If your re-evaluation is approved, you may be eligible for additional aligners. Please contact us within 30 days of your treatment end date.

Why offer a treatment guarantee?

This one is also pretty simple. We want the same thing as you, another beautiful, healthy, smile out in the world. So by offering the CandidGuarantee, you can be as confident in your treatment as we are. 

“At Candid, we stand behind our revolutionary CandidRx treatment methodology, and the 450+ years of orthodontic experience in our network,” says CEO Nick Greenfield.

We customize every step of Candid treatment to you—to your mouth, your goals, and your lifestyle. Though we are incredibly proud of our safe and patent-pending treatment methodology, we know that your treatment is individual too. So if you’ve held up your end of the bargain, we’ll hold up ours by assessing your case and, if you qualify, giving you additional sets of aligners. 

“If you go into aligners with us, and you’re compliant in wearing them,” says Greenfield, “then you should get the custom result you want.” 

Which is also the custom result that we want.

Let’s get things straight.

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