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“Convenience was the biggest thing for me”

Candid Summer Smiles contest winner Shavelle G. on her successful treatment 

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid

As we were looking through entries in our Summer Smiles Contest, Shavelle Gantt stuck out. Yes, the gaps in her teeth were nicely closed up, and she was beaming in her photos, but we were especially moved by how her Candid treatment improved her overall oral hygiene and made eating much easier. Here’s Shavelle in her own words. 

You had a great smile before you started Candid. What made you want to do it?

People have told me that I have a great smile or a great laugh so that wasn’t really the problem, though I didn’t like having spaces in my teeth. My reasons for wanting to straighten and align my teeth were much more to do with eating. Having spaces, I would eat harder foods like apples or carrots, without really using my front teeth. I’d kind of just chew them on the sides. Now that my teeth are much straighter, eating is more comfortable. The whole mechanics of eating is much better for me now. 

Did you have braces when you were younger?

I did have braces all through college and I never got the results that I wanted. I must have worn them for three years. It seemed like it took forever. And it was really inconvenient, actually. I had to drive an hour and a half every month or six weeks from my college back to my doctor and eventually it was just too much so I had to quit. 

How did Candid compare to braces? 

Everything was easy with Candid. I loved that all my aligners showed up at once. I even went on vacation out of the country twice during my treatment and I was still able to submit my scans with no problems. 

Convenience was the biggest thing for me. With braces, I’d make an appointment then have to work so I’d change it, or the doctor would. Scheduling was a big hassle. Then I’d finally get to an appointment and feel like I’d done all this work to even get there and all the dentist did was change the rubber bands. All this time and effort and we’re keeping it all the same? 

My treatment with aligners was a lot faster than with braces. I was scanning every 10 days and moving along at a good pace. My expected treatment time was eight months, but I finished faster. 

CandidMonitoring can do that sometimes! 

It was the first thing I’d do when I woke up on scan days. It was kind of like Christmas. I wanted to scan my teeth as early as possible to get the message that I can move on to the next step and I’d do a little dance when I got it. I would do a scan and wait for the message from the orthodontist. It was so fun. It was like if you’re going on a date and you’re waiting for him to text you back! 

Was it hard to adjust to wearing aligners after having had braces? 

I will say that for the first few days of every tray, there was some discomfort. But after a little while I figured out how to use my Chewies and after three days the discomfort basically went away. And also, maybe this sounds weird, but I would kind of expect it to hurt a little bit. I mean, you’re moving the teeth in your mouth. If the whole process was totally painless, I might not trust that it’s actually working. 

Have you noticed any changes in your oral health since finishing treatment?

The aligner treatment helped me develop better oral hygiene because I was brushing and flossing all the time. And I’ve kept it up. After stepping up my brushing and flossing during treatment, and knowing how good it feels, I now wonder, Why didn’t I take care of my teeth like this before? Now I’ve got a toothpick flosser in my purse and I’m like, "Hold on let me go brush my teeth real quick."

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