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Couples Who Candid: Eva Catherine and Johnny

“I know when we get married, all I will be doing is smiling so I wanted to make a change and make a change fast.”

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid

Eva Catherine and Johnny Chicollo have been together for six years, both as a couple—they’re presently engaged and planning to get married in 2021—and as creative partners. For her part, Eva Catherine is the CEO at Indie Gypsie Inc and a content creator, blogger, and style maven @evaacatherine. Johnny is an ER nurse and photographer who shows up pretty often both behind and in front of the camera on Eva’s social feeds and on her blog. As their personal and creative pursuits further entwined, they set out together on a different kind of partnership, one of self-improvement and self-expression. We chatted with the Riverside, CA, couple about going through Candid’s clear aligner treatment together, wedding prep, and their newfound confidence.  

What prompted you to start with Candid? 

Eva Catherine: We started our Candid treatment about a year before we got engaged, so we both did it because we were insecure about our smiles. My front two teeth overlapped a bit, and it always drove me nuts when I looked at photos of me smiling. Johnny had a gap between his two front teeth (which I thought was adorable!) and he always hated it, so we decided it was time to make a change and start an aligner treatment and that’s where Candid came in and changed our lives.

Johnny Chicollo: The gap between my front two teeth made me extremely insecure when I smiled so I would always smile with my lips closed. I know when we get married, all I will be doing is smiling so I wanted to make a change and make a change fast. Candid turned out to be such a blessing due to all the boxes it checked off. It was easy, organized, and fast while providing me with the smile I always wanted!

What was it like going through treatment with your partner? 

EC: Honestly, it made the process so much easier. If something was bothering me or visa versa, we could tell each other about it and share tips and tricks. It was also nice because we would change aligners at the same time and were able to hold each other accountable and stay on track.

How did you two support each other as you made your way through treatment?

JC: I started a little earlier than Eva so when she got hers, I kind of gave her the rundown of what to expect, how to manage your day-to-day with them and upkeep. It was nice though, once she got her aligners, we made it a point to start hers as I was transitioning mine to the next set so we both were on the same two-week schedule. But I did get a little braggy towards the end as far as showing off my new smile when it was almost done and teasing her that she had a few more weeks to go. 

EC: Johnny was so supportive through the whole process, even with all my complaining because I’m a big baby with even the tiniest amount of pain. He started his aligner treatment a few weeks before me, so it was nice to have him teach me all the tricks that he learned on how to get the most out of my aligner experience. 

And how did it go?

EC: My Candid treatment exceeded my expectations. I have seen a complete transformation, and have seen a huge improvement in my self confidence.

JC: My treatment couldn’t have gone any better. Every few weeks transitioning to the next aligner set was so smooth especially how Candid organized their box. Everything is laid out strategically for the length of your personalized treatment which sets you up for your dream smile!

With your wedding on the horizon, did your aligner treatment feel like long-term wedding prep? Like six months of daily cake tastings?

EC: LOL yes! Candid has been such a critical step in our wedding prep. Although we are finished with treatment, we have been loving the whitening foam that we use in your nighttime retainers. Gotta have bright pearly whites for the wedding!

JC: To be honest, you get so used to wearing them, you tend to forget that you even have them in! Of course you always have the wedding in mind and you want everything to be perfect, including your smile, but like I said, you forget that you have them in which is nice because it becomes one less thing you have to worry about.

What was your biggest fail during treatment? 

EC: Forgetting my aligners when traveling and setting myself back. 

JC: Eating a big steak dinner and not being able to brush my teeth after the meal and having to put my aligners back in. Always carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you like you would your phone. 

Have you noticed any changes in yourself since finishing your treatment?

EC: I smile much bigger, and I am not self conscious, It’s the best feeling!

JC: I’m more confident around people, I tend to smile more, and I’ve lost all my insecurities associated with my teeth.

Did your Candid experience make you want to take on other projects as a couple? If so, what kind?

EC: Johnny and I have been working together for six years, so going through treatment together felt totally natural. We love working together and are working on some fun video projects this fall that we are so excited to share soon!

JC: It just felt very natural in the sense of the both of us collaborating on another adventure.

Johnny, you photograph Eva often. Do you notice much of a difference in her as a subject post-Candid? 

JC: Absolutely! There was a lot more confidence in her posing and her overall personality! She was laughing more, smiling more, it was nice to see that confidence come to life in a way it hasn’t before. 

Eva, when you take and edit photos now, what difference do you see? 

EC: I see a huge difference in the number of photos in our camera roll that show me smiling! I never used to smile—especially when my profile was on display because you could really see how crooked my front teeth were from that angle. Now, I smile without hesitation and it is such a good feeling.

At Candid, we’re really focused on self-expression. What does true self-expression look like for you? 

EC: For me, I have always been a bit shy. So when I can get out of my shell and be my true self while creating content I feel my best!

JC: Self-expression for me, is having the ability to express yourself in the way you truly want to and not being held back by personal insecurities. After my treatment, I really felt like I could be myself again due to that confidence that returned that allowed me to really express who I am as a person.

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