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Fix Crowding with Candid Clear Aligners

Three examples of crowding and how to fix it.

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid

Crowding is perhaps the most common orthodontic issue that we see at Candid. Crowding can take many forms—and no two cases are exactly alike—but it occurs when the teeth take up more space than is available on the jaw. Without enough space, they start jockeying for limited real estate which can result in crooked teeth, turned teeth, collisions, and more.

Thanks to our patent-pending CandidRx prescription, dentists and orthodontists can safely, effectively, and predictably treat crowding. They do it by creating enough space for everyone to get along by shifting the molars to make space and then by putting pressure on the crowded teeth to push them into new alignment.

Check out these three recent cases to see how the answer to crowding isn't just shifting the affected teeth, it's the comprehensive tooth movement that is Candid's specialty.

Case 1

Watch the top teeth in Case 1 slowly shift into their new positions by Step 16 thanks to the space created by moving the molars back.

Case 2

In this case, the bottom incisors are no longer colliding thanks to their newfound space in the lower jaw.

Case 3

Watch those bottom incisors move forward into better position by the end of treatment. And while addressing the crowding, this patient's orthodontist also managed to fix a fairly serious crossbite. By Step 10, the upper lateral incisor on the left has jumped over the bottom teeth and moved into proper position.

If you've got crowding

If you've got crowding issues of your own, there's never been a better time to correct them. Straight teeth are healthier teeth, they're easier to clean, and they'll give you fewer problems as you age.

Find out if you're a candidate for the outstanding results and amazing care that comes when you work with Candid.

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