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Fix Spacing and Gaps with Candid Clear Aligners

Candid clear aligners have successfully treated thousands of spacing cases. Here's how.

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid
What is spacing?

Spacing is an incredibly common orthodontic complaint, and one that we see at Candid all the time. It could be a gap between your two front teeth, too much space between a few teeth, or too much space between all of them. Either way, spacing is defined as more space on the jaw than your teeth can fill. 

What causes spacing?

There are a number of different causes of spacing. It can be genetic, your teeth might be too small to fill the space on your jaw, an excessive tongue thrust may cause your teeth to move apart, or you may have thick bands of gum tissue that can cause gaps between your front teeth.

What could happen if you don’t fix spacing?

Whatever the cause, it's important to your overall oral health to bring spaced out teeth together. If you don't, you may experience:

  • Chipping or cracking of teeth

  • Trouble fully chewing your food

  • Teeth can be harder to clean

  • Plaque traps

  • Difficulty swallowing

Candid Case Studies

At Candid, we love a good space case, and our clear aligners have treated thousands of them. Check out how these three Candid patients closed the gaps in their teeth.

Case 1

Not only did this patient's orthodontist close up the gaps, but you can see the upper incisors tipping back into alignment as well. That kind of comprehensive orthodontic care occurs because we move all the teeth, not just your front six.

Case 2

This patient's frenum—a thick band of tissue between the top front teeth—had pushed the front teeth apart. But safely and effectively moving the patient's teeth (roots and all), the orthodontist was able to create a much healthier smile.

Case 3

When an orthodontist treats a spacing case with Candid clear aligners, the prescription calls for gathering up the teeth and putting them into alignment. Spacing often require less treatment time than other issues with your bite.

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