The relationship between occlusion and hygiene (+ earn 1 CE credit)

CandidPro and Philips Sonicare join forces in a free webinar on the impact of malocclusion neglect. [Webinar]

Amanda Bottger
Senior Director of Strategic Communications, CandidPro

Dr. Ben Miraglia, Candid's VP of GP Clinical Education, and Cindy Sensabaugh, RDH, with Philips Sonicare, recently presented a webinar discussing the impact of orthodontic treatment on overall health. They also explored the frequently overlooked findings that can be treated with orthodontic therapies and the role of orthodontics in improving oral hygiene.

Additionally, they highlighted the hygiene benefits of using remote clear aligner monitoring -- and how a telehealth tool, like CandidMonitoring, can drive patient connection, compliance, and improved doctor oversight on clear aligner cases.

Visit the Viva Learning website here to view the free recording and earn 1 CE credit.

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