Patient TyMarkus and his unforgettable smile

"Candid has helped me find myself." -TyMarkus Woods

Aaron Britt
Senior Director of Brand, CandidPro

TyMarkus Woods's smile is unforgettable. He started his Candid treatment while still in high school, and in this intimate interview he describes his reasons for straightening his teeth and how he felt when he finished. We also learn how his new smile has helped him overcome the bullies and feel whole in himself. We can't imagine anything holding him back now.

Was it tough doing treatment while attending high school?

In the beginning it was kind of hard because you had to manage them at lunch. So yeah, it was tough juggling that, but after a while it becomes easier and more straightforward how to do it. I figured out how to manage my time to take them out, eat, brush my teeth, and get everything settled. 

Did your peers notice that you were wearing aligners?

People didn’t notice until a few months into treatment when they actually noticed my straight teeth.

So your straighter teeth were actually what prompted people to notice?

Oh yeah, I had a lot of people, even family, asking me, “Where did you get those, how long is the process, is there any pain," and different things like that. So I told them all about it—the process, the schedule, everything.

What made you want to start Candid treatment?

My chief complaint was the spacing of my teeth. When I was younger I had a gap and as I got older, all my spacing was off. My teeth were pushed forward, it was a mess. But now, they’re perfect!  

How did treatment go?

Treatment was amazing, I loved it. It was very easy. A lot of people think it’s going to be long but it was simple and easy for me. 

How did your family react to your new smile?

My mom was my biggest supporter. She was always telling me, make sure you have your doctor and everything set up, your money all set, keep it all straightforward. And I really needed that help. She’s so happy now. She loves my teeth so much. 

What was the first thing you did when you finished treatment?

When I finished, I actually cried because I felt more complete within myself. I was bullied growing up because of my teeth and I couldn’t show my smile or fully express myself because I felt ashamed and scared. When I finished the aligners I felt like I could do anything with my life. 

I want people to know that some of us go through difficult times because we’re too scared to show our smiles. To have a new smile, to feel confident, and to be unforgettable is amazing. Candid has helped me find myself and be unforgettable. 

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