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Clear Aligner Foundations: Diagnosing and Selecting Clear Aligner Cases

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Clinical Excellence

CandidPro brings together industry-leading orthodontic minds, state-of-the-art materials, and hyper-precise manufacturing to deliver  customized plan and treatment experiences that deliver the desired clinical outcomes.

Serving You

We’ve taken the time to listen to providers and understand friction points, and we created a solution that helps you help your patients. Plus, with CandidPro you can accelerate your clear aligner business without requiring untenable time and effort on the part of you or your dental team.

Comprehensive Platform

Our best-in-class technology is comprehensive but not complex. It brilliantly powers everything we offer our providers – from initial diagnosis to the finished case, it’s the end-to-end engine that makes it CandidPro.
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Meet your webinar instructor

Dr. Ben Miraglia

VP of GP Clinical Education at Candid

Dr. Ben Miraglia is a CandidPro Faculty member who has treated patients with clear aligners for 17 years. He is widely recognized for his lectures and continuing education courses focusing on clear aligner therapy and craniofacial growth and development related to sleep- disordered breathing.

Let’s dive into the webinar

CandidPro™ 101

Get all the details on CandidPro’s distinct approach to clear aligner therapy.


1 min
Step 1: Diagnose
2 min
Causes of crowding: Improper arch form
3 min
Causes of crowding: Improper arch width
4 min
Causes of crowding: Buccolingual inclination
6 min
Step 2: Patient Selection
33 min
Step 3: Patient Education
13 min
Candid's orthodontic platform
3 min
6 min
55 min

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