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Reduce chair time while enhancing clinical oversight and patient experience with CandidMonitoring™.
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Meet your webinar instructor

Dr. Brian Gray

Chief Dental Officer at Candid

Dr. Gray is a Clinical Evaluator, triathlete,  Master at the Academy of General Dentistry,  and a Fellow in five other academies. He’s trained nearly 30,000 dentists in clear aligners. Now, he’s bringing his knack for education and clinically-excellent treatment planning to CandidPro partners.

Let’s dive into the webinar

CandidPro's Orthodontics as a Service 101

Get all the details on CandidPro’s distinct approach to empowering dental practitioners to treat more patients with clear aligner therapy.


1 min
What is it about Candid that made you want to join as Chief Dental Officer?
4 min
Candid's pivot away from direct-to-consumer
9 min
How has the trajectory of your practice changed since you started prescribing Candid to your patients?
2 min
End-to-end case review of a former hygienist
7 min
How do you see the addition of new features like attachments and API play into the opportunity for airway doctors who are looking to make more substantive changes?
8 min
Why is it that we have 200 million hygiene patients a year and only a couple million of them end up in orthodontic care?
4 min
What do you see as the dominant growth opportunity for dentists and what is Candid's role in that future?
4 min
Q&A What is the cost of the Scan Box?
1 min
Q&A How do patients know when to change trays?
1 min
Q&A I saw that the trays aren't scalloped. Doesn't that irritate the gums?
2 min
Q&A What scanners do you support?
1 min
Q&A Does one need to get certified to get started?
1 min
Q&A Does one need to get certified to get started?
5 min

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