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Thinking Beyond Straight Teeth:
‍‍Connecting Oral Health to Overall Health

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Meet your webinar instructor

Dr. Ben Miraglia

VP of GP Clinical Education at Candid

Dr. Ben Miraglia is a CandidPro Faculty member who has treated patients with clear aligners for 17 years. He is widely recognized for his lectures and continuing education courses focusing on clear aligner therapy and craniofacial growth and development related to sleep- disordered breathing.

Let’s dive into the webinar

CandidPro's Orthodontics as a Service 101

Get all the details on CandidPro’s distinct approach to empowering dental practitioners to treat more patients with clear aligner therapy.


2 min
Diagnose: Treating the cause instead of the symptom
12 min
Nasal breathing vs mouth breathing
18 min
Medical consequences of SDB/OSA
2 min
Treatment options
6 min
Case 1: Mild
9 min
Case 2: Severe
19 min
20 min

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