Achieve your best smile with CandidPro clear aligners.

CandidPro clear aligners can help you achieve your best smile in 8.5 months on average1 with advanced technology and treatment directed by the doctor who knows you best.

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of Americans could benefit from our comprehensive clear aligner system1

With our technology and support, your provider can help you protect your long-term oral-systemic health with a straighter, healthier smile and more functional bite.

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Signs you could benefit from CandidPro

Even a subtle misalignment of your bite could expose your teeth to destructive forces from everyday use. Here are some common signs that your bite needs help.

  • Difficulty flossing

  • Pain when chewing or biting

  • Snoring

Long-term risks of misaligned teeth

Without clinical intervention, misaligned teeth could increase your long-term risk for serious oral health and whole-body health issues like these.

  • Tooth and bone loss

  • Damaged or chipped teeth

  • Gum disease

Benefits of clear aligner therapy

A straighter, healthier smile is a win for your overall health, well-being, and wallet—and CandidPro can help you get there.

  • Protect your health

  • Increase confidence

  • Avoid costly dental work

Meet our expert

“Having a functional bite is a huge win for overall health. Don’t wait to fix your misaligned teeth.”

Brian Gray, DDS
Chief Dental officer at candidpro

What you get with CandidPro

  • Provider consultation

  • Full set of aligners

  • Premium whitening foam

  • At-home progress tracking

  • Additional aligners as needed

  • A straighter, healthier smile

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Every 6-8 weeks, often in-person

Every 6-8 weeks, often in-person

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Progress tracking in the #1-rated teledentistry app can help you stay on course
Treatment plans aim to minimize attachments

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