Come care with us.

Candid exists to help people feel like they can confidently express themselves. That goes for our team, too. We're looking for thoughtful, inventive doers who want to empower people to change their lives.

“Everything we do is at the highest standard of the industry. We hire great people, put you out there, and ask you to make an impact from day one. Because of that, we drive great results for our patients.”
— Nick Greenfield, CEO
Our Story

Some of us had braces… some more than once

The founders of Candid all wished their teeth were straighter, but like millions of other people, didn't want to pay over $5,000 for treatment. Besides, braces were not an option. (Especially for Lilla, who had already had them twice.)

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Our Values

Care deeply

Our customers put their health and wellbeing in our hands, and care comes first in everything we do. But care isn’t just what we do — it’s how we do it. We care. We’re passionate. This work matters, and we never forget it.

Deliver results

Every day is defined by the commitments we make to our customers and to each other. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it. And if our customers aren’t reaching their goals, then we’re not reaching ours.

Keep learning

If knowledge is power, then knowing what we don’t know is our superpower. We learn, over and over again. We study. We question. A constant curiosity in the face of the unknown is how we’re inventing the future.

Be candid

Our company exists to chip away at the little inhibitions that keep people from fully expressing themselves — but we won’t succeed unless we live candidly, too. So we speak from the heart, and we mean what we say.

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