PermaFormTM Clear Retainers

Protect your smile with our durable, comfortable, and effective removable retainers. Only available through CandidProTM providers.

Uncompromising accuracy keeps your smile firmly in place

Balanced combination of structure and hold promotes comfort

Nearly invisible when in use

Available in sets of 1–4

You DO NOT need to have completed treatment with CandidPro clear aligners to get PermaForm retainers.
Why Permaform retainers

Designed to Exceed Expectations

Easy as 1,2,3

Three Steps to Get PermaForm


Find a CandidPro Provider

Use our Doctor Locator to find a provider near you, or ask your current provider for PermaForm retainers.


Get fitted

Your provider will take diagnostic records and send them to our production facility. 


Receive your retainers

We’ll manufacture your retainers and deliver them to your provider or directly to you based on your provider’s directions. 

Find a CandidPro doctor

Frequently asked questions

How do I get PermaFormTM retainers?

Ask your dental provider if PermaForm retainers are right for you. If they think our retention system is a good fit, they’ll help facilitate the ordering process.

How do I wear PermaForm retainers?

Wearing clear retainers is easy. They’re fitted to your teeth exactly, so you just have to insert them over your teeth and snap them into place with your fingers.

How long do PermaForm retainers last?

The longevity of PermaForm retainers may vary. If you clench or grind your teeth, they may wear out sooner. Ask your provider for their recommendation. 

Can I get PermaForm retainers if I have a fixed retainer already?

Most likely, yes. PermaForm retainers can be fit to cover an existing lingual bar. Ask your provider for their recommendation.

How much do PermaForm retainers cost?

Pricing is determined by your provider. 

Are PermaForm retainers covered by my insurance?

Clear retainers may be covered by some dental insurance plans. Ask your provider or insurer to see if you qualify.

I have an HSA/FSA. Can I use those funds to cover the cost of PermaForm retainers?

Yes. Your HSA/FSA dollars can be used to pay for PermaForm retainers.

1. Bay Materials Zendura A (data on file)
2Material used demonstrates highest resistance to cracking vs. 9 commonly used thermoformed materials.