Already ordered my aligners

When do I start my aligner treatment once I receive my aligner kit in the mail?

You should start treatment right away. After you set up CandidApp on your phone, watch the full tutorial video and then take your first scan.

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Do the aligners and ScanBox come together?

Yes! Your aligner kit includes everything: your full set of aligners, your ScanBox Pro, and a few extra goodies.

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Will the aligners affect my speech?

You may notice a slight lisp as you adjust to wearing your aligners...

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What do I do if the edges of my aligners are sharp?

While we do quality check each aligner, sharp edges are not uncommon...

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How do I use my chewies?

Chewies are a great way to ensure your aligners are fitting snug, and to ease any soreness you’re experiencing...

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Where can I find my chewies?

Your chewies are located under the plastic holder for your whitening foam and aligner case...

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What if I have to get dental work done while in treatment?

If you need to get any dental work done that would impact your treatment, talk to your CandidPro dentist and they will integrate the services you need into your CandidPro treatment.

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Does the whitening foam hurt your gums?

No. Our gentle whitening foam contains a lower dose of hydrogen peroxide...

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Can I kiss with my aligners?

Yes, but that’s really none of our business.

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What if I have concerns about the way my teeth are moving or my treatment?

If you have any concerns, reach out to your dentist directly...

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Are the aligners really invisible?

They’re as invisible as something can be. You would often have no idea that people are wearing them.

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