Treatment with Candid

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Can I eat and drink in my aligners?
Absolutely. We just recommend that you rinse them off with cool water and brush and floss your teeth when you’re finished to keep your aligners as clear as possible. read more
Why were my photos rejected?
We ask you to retake your photos when they won’t be able to serve as viable diagnostic tools for your orthodontist. That would be the case for one of two reasons: because the quality of the ... read more
Can I talk to my orthodontist directly?
Our care team typically acts as the liaison between you and your orthodontist. If you have any concerns about your treatment, reach out and they’ll loop him or her in right away. read more
When do I get my treatment plan?
You’ll typically get your treatment plan 3–4 weeks after your photos and impressions are accepted. read more
When do I start seeing results?
The rate at which you’ll start seeing results varies on a case by case basis, since no two treatment plans are the same. But generally speaking, you’ll notice movement almost right away. read more
Can I play musical instruments with my aligners?
Yes — your aligners won’t be in the way at all. read more
How long is the treatment?
Treatment with Candid takes six months on average, and it will almost never take longer than 11 months on the high end. read more
Can I exercise with aligners?
Absolutely. The aligners will have no impact whatsoever on your ability to exercise. read more
What if I lose an aligner?
Go on to the next one in your treatment plan, but wear it for the full two weeks of that step plus the number of days you had left with the aligner you lost. The treatment plan prescribed by... read more
When do I change my aligners?
You change them every two weeks. You’ll get reminders via email and text. read more
Will the aligners irritate my mouth?
You can expect a little bit of discomfort as you get used to wearing your aligners — after all, you’ll have something completely new and unfamiliar in your mouth for extended periods of time... read more
Should I keep my old aligners?
Yes, we recommend that you keep all of your aligners throughout treatment. read more
Are the aligners really invisible?
They’re as invisible as something can be. You would often have no idea that people are wearing them. read more
What if I have to get dental work done while in treatment?
Reach out to our care team right away. Your orthodontist will be looped in to help you decide how to proceed with Candid, but your primary oral healthcare needs will always come first. read more
Do Candid aligners use attachments or buttons?
No. Attachments and buttons allow for dramatic tooth movement, but they require in-office treatment and supervision that we don’t currently provide. Any case calling for their use is beyond ... read more
How do aligners work?
Aligners work by using carefully calibrated force to move your teeth into a new position, forcing the body to adapt by remodeling the bone. Each set of aligners is a unique 3D-printed model ... read more
How is my treatment plan made?
Your treatment plan is made the same way it would be if you saw an orthodontist in person. Here’s what the process looks like: 1\. You start by creating diagnostic records with our at-home ... read more
Does the whitening foam hurt your gums?
No. Our gentle whitening foam contains a lower dose of hydrogen peroxide than other whitening agents, so it won’t make your gums or teeth sensitive or sore. You can use it up to four times d... read more
How long do I need to wear the retainer for?
For the first two weeks after treatment, your retainers need to be worn 22 hours a day. After that, most patients will only need to wear them at night. But make sure you keep wearing them in... read more
Am I a candidate?
Find out by [taking our survey]( read more
How do Candid Retainers work?
Retainers work by keeping your teeth in their new position during the passive healing phase of treatment, then indefinitely after that. Remember that treatment doesn’t end when the active bo... read more
Do you have any before and after photos?
Yes! Take a look at our [Before and After page]( We’re still a very new company, but we’re adding more photos every week as our patients complete t... read more
What should I expect when I receive retainers?
You can expect your retainers to look and feel exactly the same as your last set of aligners. You can also expect flashbacks to teenage anxiety about forgetting your retainer somewhere and ... read more
How long do the retainers last?
We recommend that you change your retainers every six months. read more
Do you offer whitening?
Yes! Our gentle whitening foam whitens your teeth and freshens your breath at the same time. But keep in mind that it's specifically for use with aligners, not a free-standing product. One ... read more
How do I keep track of when to change my aligners?
You’ll get reminders via email and text. read more
How do I clean and/or sanitize my aligners?
To clean your aligners, just rinse them with cool water. You can also use toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush for a more thorough cleaning. Never rinse your aligners with hot water or ... read more
Will the aligners affect my speech?
You may notice a slight lisp as you adjust to wearing your aligners, since they’ll be forcing your tongue to adjust to changed spaces in your mouth. And because you hear a different resonanc... read more
Can I get extra whitening?
Yes! You can purchase additional bottles of whitening foam for $25 each. Get more whitening [here]( "Whitening Foam"). read more
Can I kiss with my aligners?
Yes, but that’s really none of our business. read more
How do Candid retainers work?
Retainers work by keeping your teeth in their new position during the passive healing phase of treatment, then indefinitely after that. Remember that treatment doesn’t end when the active bo... read more
What happens when I finish treatment?
You start wearing your retainers! Once treatment is complete, you’ll wear your retainers 22 hours a day for two weeks, then switch to wearing them just at night unless instructed otherwise b... read more
Who is my orthodontist in your network?
The orthodontist assigned to your case will depend on where you’re being treated, since they’ll be licensed to practice in your state. But every orthodontist in our network has at least two ... read more
When do I start my aligner treatment once I receive my aligner kit in the mail?
You can start right away. read more
What if I have concerns about the way my teeth are moving or my treatment?
If you have any concerns, reach out to our care team right away and they’ll loop in your orthodontist. If your teeth don’t match the intended outcome of your treatment plan as shown in your... read more
Is there anything that can make treatment go faster?
No, there isn’t. Your treatment plan will be designed to achieve specific outcomes at set intervals of time, and it’s crucial to allow each step to take its prescribed two-week course before... read more
How do the retainers look?
The retainers look exactly the same as your last set of aligners. read more