Whitening Options

Do you offer whitening?

Yes! Our gentle whitening foam whitens your teeth and freshens your breath...

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Can I use Philips Zoom Whitening with my aligners?

No, the custom trays provided with Philips Zoom Whitening are engineered...

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What causes stained or yellow teeth?

The most common types of teeth stains are surface stains on the enamel or beneath...

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How long does Philips Zoom Whitening treatment last?

Most whitening treatments are designed to last for quite some time...

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What is the difference between Philips Zoom Whitening and CandidPro's Whitening Foam?

Philips Zoom Whitening is a professional clinical grade whitening system...

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Can I purchase multiple rounds of Philips Zoom treatment?

The best time to start Philips Zoom Whitening is prior to aligner treatment... You also have

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I’m happy with my whitening results, but what should I do with my extra Zoom Whitening gel?

Excellent! Your Zoom Whitening treatment may be considered complete once...

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What should I do if I experience tooth sensitivity?

Take the following steps if you’re experiencing sensitivity while using whitening gel...

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What should I know about whitening foam?

The whitening foam included in your Aligner Kit uses a gentle hydrogen peroxide...

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Is Philips Zoom Whitening safe for my teeth?

In short, yes. As with any treatment, Zoom Whitening needs to be used according...

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Does whitening affect bonding/fillings/veneers?

Philips Zoom Whitening treatment will not change the coloration of any bonding, fillings, or veneers.

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What is your whitening foam made of?

Our foam is hydrogen peroxide-based. For our chemists, here’s the full list of ingredients...

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