How is my treatment plan made?

Your treatment plan is made the same way it would be if you saw an orthodontist in person. Here’s what the process looks like:

1. You start by creating diagnostic records with our at-home starter kit or by attending a 30-minute appointment at a Candid Studio™. Those records consist of 8 intraoral and extraoral photos of your face and mouth, and either putty impressions or a 3D scan of your teeth. The photos are for assessment purposes, and the impressions or scan capture the position and shape of your teeth.

2. Your diagnostic records are submitted to an experienced orthodontist in our network. After they’ve reviewed your photos and approved you for treatment, they use a digital model of your teeth to design and engineer your individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan itself consists of a set of gradual tooth movements to be accomplished by wearing a series of custom-fabricated aligners for a prescribed period of time.

3. Once your treatment plan is complete, you’ll be sent a fully interactive 3D preview of the results, where you’ll see your teeth move into place step by step. After you approve your plan, you can purchase your aligners and start treatment. You’ll get all your aligners in one box, plus our premium whitening system free of charge.

Honestly, the whole thing is very cool.