Build your business with Candid Pro

We’re proud to introduce Candid Pro, our first “orthodontics-as-a-service” offering designed specifically for dental and orthodontic practices. With Candid Pro, you can drastically increase the number of new cases you start while leaving a lot of the work to us.

This end-to-end approach includes use of our patent-pending treatment plan methodology, our intuitive technology platform built for clinicians, and our outstanding suite of patient support. With the lower cost of our aligners, you can provide your patients with a more affordable teeth straightening solution.

Treat more patients than ever


Amazing outcomes

Our approach was designed by Dr. Lynn Hurst, a national leader in the field of clear aligner orthodontics. Our network of orthodontists tailors treatment plans specifically for your individual patients. You start the case and then the clinical care team and technical experts provide support for the treatment that you’ll oversee.

Easy to manage

Thanks to the Candid App—our patient monitoring and diagnostic service—and our expert support team, you’ll stay connected with your patients and help them progress through treatment – all with fewer office visits.

Exceptional value

Candid Pro provides all this expertise, technology and support at a significantly lower price to you, allowing you to treat more patients with fewer visits and lower costs.

Our patent-pending CandidRx™ was designed by Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, a 20 year veteran of clear aligner orthodontics. After transitioning his practice exclusively to clear aligners, Dr. Hurst then went on to co-found Candid in 2017 with the belief that his prescription could achieve the same kinds of outcomes as Invisalign and do it for a fraction of the cost.

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