How it works

Your co-pilot for clear aligner case tracking

Get complete oversight

With the ProMonitoring App, your patients share detailed scans with you before each aligner stage, helping you track and document every movement using the cloud.

Keep patients on track

The monitoring AI accurately analyzes tracking, hygiene, and scan compliance so you can get more oversight while minimizing in-office aligner checks.

Increase predictability

98% of CandidPro cases finish with one or fewer refinements.1

"My patients get a more engaging treatment experience and I get more oversight. Everybody wins."

Kalli Hale, DDS, MPH
Faculty at Candid Academy

“Compliance is always an issue with patients. And with CandidMonitoring, they get notices, I get notices, and then when something’s not right, we can intervene very quickly.”

David Little, DDS
Faculty at Candid Academy

"CandidMonitoring has transformed how I approach clear aligner treatment and helps me save hours of clinical time with my patients."

Ben Miraglia, DDS
VP of GP Clinical Education

"When CandidMonitoring intercepts an aligner change, it often prevents a refinement down the road."

Brian Gray, DDS
Chief Dental Officer


Upgrade your clear aligner workflow instantly

Click below to see how CandidPro uses the latest remote monitoring technology to save doctors hours of chair time.

Track progress

Complete records enable you to see every movement at every stage from multiple angles.

Aligner fit

Detect unseated aligners with the help of our AI and intercept aligner tracking issues before they lead to refinements

Patient compliance

Keep patients on track by ensuring that they are submitting their scans on time.


Preempt hygiene issues and have the peace of mind that your patients' hygiene is on track during treatment.

No-go handling

Intercept what could lead to refinements by keeping patients in their current aligner step until prescribed movements have been expressed. 

Patient portal

Patients receive encouragement, advice, and next steps to patients at each aligner change

Enhanced oversight

Get accurate AI analysis—down to the millimeter—on every patient scan

Non-clinical support

The CandidPro support team fields non-clinical patient questions via direct message, reducing phone calls to your office

No set-up

CandidMonitoring comes 100% ready to use for all of your CandidPro cases at no additional cost

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1. Based on all patients initiating treatment between Oct 1 and Oct 31, 2021.