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“We’re all about letting doctors leverage their orthodontic expertise, or advance it. For airway doctors specifically, we’re giving them the kind of validation that other aligner companies aren’t.”

Ben Miraglia, DDS
Vice President of GP Clinical education

See why airway doctors are choosing CandidPro.

We’re committed to empowering our providers with the tools they need to bring the best care to their patients. For those addressing airway health issues, CandidPro offers simple workflows and custom features that support expansion-based philosophies.

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Approach treatment your way with flexible features

Expert faculty

Work with and learn from some of the most recognized airway health clinicians in the industry. 

Preserving expansion

Use treatment mechanics that help you promote or maintain expanded arch forms. 

Mixed dentition support

Treating younger patients? CandidPro can support your treatment plans for patients with primary teeth.

“I’m passionate about helping patients overcome airway health concerns like sleep apnea and developmental issues. CandidPro gives me a simple way to complete my airway cases with clear aligners.”

Kalli Hale, DDS, MPH
Faculty at Candid Academy

“CandidPro is bridging the gap between clear aligner capabilities and airway health by empowering doctors like me with the clinical flexibility and expansion-focused features we’ve always wanted.”

Ben Miraglia, DDS
VP of GP Clinical Education

"When CandidMonitoring intercepts an aligner change, it often prevents a refinement down the road."

Brian Gray, DDS
Chief Dental Officer

Case deep dives from our Candid Academy Faculty

See how our experts are using CandidPro clear aligners to drive airway-friendly finishes.

airway case 1

Malocclusion: Crowding, spacing, diastema, mild anterior open bite

Patient info: Female, 39 years old

"It's fascinating how CandidPro's materials and technology can treat with far fewer attachments than other clear aligner systems."

Geoffrey Skinner, DDS, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA

Faculty at Candid Academy



The problem

Around 80% of people with OSA are undiagnosed1

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Why airway?

Airway health may impact oral health and whole-body health

CandidPro recognizes that dental professionals are uniquely positioned to identify the signs and symptoms of these conditions early and that some clinicians may offer treatment options for these conditions in conjunction with clear aligner therapy.

Check out the resources we're offering below to learn more about how we complement expansion-based philosophies.‍

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1. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 Oct; 18(19): 10277.