A Success Story:

How Dr. Petrie’s Team Drove 31 New Clear Aligner Cases from a Single Event

Dr. Petrie wanted to expand his clear aligner practice, so he invited his CandidPro Marketing Team and Account Executive to his yearly practice planning meeting for guidance. We helped Dr. Petrie’s team optimize workflows, leverage marketing assets, and develop patient financing solutions while they planned a Love Your Smile Day production event. The results? Record-setting case starts and a template for repeated success.

Provider Enablement


New cases



What made our production day successful?

Effective team coordination

Our team did a great job of designating roles and responsibilities. Everyone did their part to bring the plan together.

Robust marketing efforts

Using our Ignition Kit assets from CandidPro helped attract a wider audience and sparked their interest in the event.

Streamlined workflows

We practiced our workflow in advance to help us ensure a high level of service for every patient who attended.

Flexible financing solutions

We offered financing options to increase case acceptance and encourage more attendees to start their clear aligner journey.

"CandidPro has played a major role in helping my team drive new case starts. My team executed our production day event perfectly, and our CandidPro team was there to help us every step of the way. Nobody does partnership like CandidPro."

Arvind Petrie, DMD

Petrie Advanced Dental

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Before the event: Planning

The team at Petrie Advanced Dental outlined every detail of their event, designated roles and responsibilities, and set time-bound goals to keep their plans on track. With the event outline in place, they then worked with the CandidPro Marketing Team and their Account Executive to design and distribute promotional materials and curate financing options to help more patients say yes to treatment.

Day of event: Scan everyone

On the day of their event, Petrie Advanced Dental created a seamless patient experience by executing the workflows they practiced in the weeks before their event. The team provided complimentary intraoral scans to every attendee, giving them the opportunity to visualize their potential transformation before agreeing to enter treatment. By the end of the event, the team had initiated a record-breaking 15 new clear aligner cases and was prepared to begin strategizing for their next event.

After the event: An echo effect

In the weeks following their event, the Petrie Advanced Dental team saw residual interest in CandidPro clear aligners stemming from their pre-event marketing efforts. They scheduled 7 more consultations from those leads and were able to close all 7!! Additionally, Petrie's office manager meets with CandidPro's marketing team and their AE bi-weekly to ensure they start 10 CandidPro cases per month. They have just incorporated third party financing with Sunbit and are running paid social ads to bring in additional new patients. Their Love Your Smile Day event grossed the highest day in production to date in over 10 years! They have big goals for the upcoming years and we are so excited to help them CRUSH them!