The Best Retainers are

The Best Retainers are Accurate

Introducing our newly enhanced PermaForm clear retainers. These highly-advanced appliances give providers a reliable way to bring patients the durable, comfortable, and effective retention they need to protect their smiles for life.  

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Designed to Exceed Expectations

Impressive accuracy

Effective retainers should match patients’ anatomy. With PermaForm, you can count on manufacturing that accurately matches your patients’ dentition at the final stage.

Superior durability

Cracking, staining, and deformation are no match for PermaForm retainers, which are made from Zendura A™ material, which has the highest impact resistance of nine commonly used clear retainer materials1,2.

Total comfort 

With an ideal combination of thickness and hold, patients will barely notice they're wearing PermaForm retainers.

Ideal clarity

PermaForm retainers are made from material that makes them extremely discreet and nearly transparent when in use3.

Retention Designed by Doctors, For Doctors

We partnered closely with dental professionals to finalize our retainers. The result is a retention system that’s aligned with how our providers approach comprehensive patient care.

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The Best Retainers are Accurate

Doctors asked. We delivered.

"We designed PermaForm retainers with high standards for accuracy and durability. We believe patients will find them more comfortable and that you can rely on their efficacy."

Brian Gray, DDS
Chief Dental Officer at Candidpro

Designed With Input From CandidPro Providers

"My patients tell me that PermaForm retainers are really comfortable to wear. That’s exactly what I’m looking for as a provider."

Kevin Goles, Diplomate, ABSB
Faculty at Candid Academy

"Having a great retention product like PermaForm is key to delivering lasting results to my patients."

Ben Miraglia, DDS
VP of GP Clinical Education

"My reputation as a clinician relies on delivering lasting results. PermaForm makes that a lot easier."

Arvind Petrie, DMD
Petrie Advanced Dental

Why Retention?

Protect Your Patients’ Investment

Reliable retention is key to delivering long-lasting results to your patients. PermaForm offers a highly comfortable retention solution that patients should have little issue wearing as prescribed. 

Best of all, PermaForm retainers are extremely durable and are equipped to withstand the impacts of daily wear4. 

The Manufacturing Magic Behind PermaForm Retainers

Our 83,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is the secret sauce behind our highly accurate CandidPro clear aligners and PermaForm retainers. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped to efficiently produce top-quality appliances for all of our providers using the latest manufacturing techniques and proprietary processes. 

"Our manufacturing teams have spent a great deal of time honing in on the right combination of materials, manufacturing processes, and design to create our next-generation PermaForm retainers."

Tony Morefield
COO at Candid

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1. Material used demonstrates highest resistance to cracking vs. nine commonly used thermoformed materials.
2. Bay Materials Zendura A (data on file)
3. Bay Materials Zendura A (data on file)
4. Material used demonstrates highest resistance to cracking vs. nine commonly used thermoformed materials.